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Multiplication Activity

multiplication activity


  • Grid paper, page 105 (2 or more sheets per student)

  • Scissors (1 per student)

  • Crayons or markers (2 colors per student)

  • 12" x 18" construction paper (1 sheet per student)

  • Glue sticks (1 for the teach or 1 per student)

  • The completed project prepared by the teacher before the lesson


This project is a motivating way of teaching students how to represent multiplication facts as arrays.

If this is the class's first introduction to multiplication arrays, the teacher should probably start by offering them a simple definition. Tell students that one number in a multiplication fact is the amount on the side of the array, and the other number is the amount on the top of the array.

multiplication activity 2

More advanced classes should begin to understand how arrays are linked to the idea of multiplication as repeated addition.

multiplication activity 3

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