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Symmetry Activity

symmetry activity


  • Symmetry sheets, page 106-108 (1 of each type for every student)

  • Markers (1 box per student)

  • The completed project prepared by the teacher before the lesson


This lesson teaches students how to make symmetrical designs and how to distinguish between vertical symmetry, horizontal symmetry, and rotational symmetry.

Start this lesson by offering students a simple definition of symmetry: “an image that is the same on both sides.” This definition isn’t entirely accurate, since from it one could deduce that the following image is symmetrical, when actually it is not:

symmetry activity 2

However, a more precise definition of symmetry will form in students’ minds once beginning the project.

Completed examples of the three symmetry projects should be hung at the front of the room, along with the corresponding uncolored sheets. The teacher should use these to summarize the three types of symmetry.

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